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Module One: Free Your Voice

This grouping of scales, vowels and consonants let you immediately feel more freedom in your voice! Because of the nature of how our bodies boost harmonics, this grouping allows easier, faster access to your full potential range.

Benefits include:

  • More overall vocal freedom
  • Less overall strain
  • More access to your full potential range

Module Two: Get Connected

“Bridge the gap” so to speak between the upper and lower registers. This grouping of scales, vowels and consonants lets you start feeling better cooperation between those TA and CT muscle groups. That gets us quickly connected into a more uniform voice!

Benefits include:

  • Better agility and flexibility moving through the bridge
  • Less obvious difference in tone top to bottom
  • More energy in the overall sound

Module Three: Full, Strong, and Clear

This grouping of scales, vowels and consonants lets you begin to feel and hear more ‘weight’, energy and strength (harmonic content!) in the sound as you continue to improve the flexibility and strength of the bridge. In this workout you’ll get a stronger sound and sense of vibration with deepening coordination of muscles and formants.

Benefits include:

  • Stronger sound and sense of vibration
  • Better blending of the upper and lower tones to unify sound
  • Deepening coordination of muscles and formants

Module Four: Home, Home On The Bridge!

This more advanced grouping of scales, vowels and consonants focus more on developing greater flexibility, agility, strength and endurance as you sing through (and sustain!) the vocal bridge.

Benefits include:

  • Further deepening of the bridge coordination
  • Finding maximum harmonic content (power!)
  • Agility, flexibility, and relaxation throughout the range

Module Five: Your Own True Voice!

This advanced grouping of scales, vowels and consonants challenge all aspects of range, power, flexibility and endurance as you move towards developing your own true voice. There’s an additional “bonus workout” in this grouping to really put it all together!

Benefits include:

  • Full potential range
  • Complete vocal freedom
  • Ease of tone production in whatever you sing

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