Can anyone learn to sing?

Hey guys, Jay Lemon from I’m asked often, Can anyone learn to sing? Is anybody able to sing? The answer technically is yes. If the voices functional, if you’re not, you know, damaged or injured. Even then, the answer still kind of yes. But since everybody has the same equipment, technically, yes, everybody can sing. We can create a vibration, and we have access to all these ranging things in our speaking voice. So, yeah, we can sing.

Um, everybody can basically play basketball, too. Now the question isn’t Can you play basketball? The question is, can you play basketball at the level of Michael Jordan?

Well, Michael Jordan can play basketball at a level nobody else can play. They’re singers that can sing at a level nobody else can sing.

That’s DNA. So I can’t do a lot of the things that Stevie Wonder does or Michael Jackson did.

I can’t do any of that stuff, but I can get kind of close and I sing pretty well overall,

but it’s not because I’m particularly gifted as a singer. It’s because I have standard equipment and I’ve learned how to maximize it. So you can learn how to sing,

regardless of your ability, you can learn how to control those muscles. Control those formants so that you can be effective and efficient as a singer and get the most out of your voice.

Yes, you can learn to sing. Anyone can learn to sing. As a side note, people wonder,

“Am I tone deaf?” Is there such a thing as tone deafness? The answer is, I suppose there is.

But I have been teaching for 40 years, and I have only met one person in my career who couldn’t match a pitch.

And it was because he was deaf. And I mean that literally. Everybody else that I have ever, ever,

ever, ever worked with could hear a pitch, match a pitch and if you can hear a pitch and match a pitch,

you can sing. Now, it’s just a matter of learning how to control things, learning how to make it easy on yourself to be able to sing so.

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