Do Vocal Exercises Really Improve Singing?

Hey, Jay Lemon here. Total Vocal Method. I’m asked all the time “Does exercise or vocal exercises really improve your singing?” Well, the answer is yes, of course it does. Why? Will exercise is exercise. Okay, now what’s different about your voice then say your bicep because your voice uses muscle, right? Right. So they’re muscles, they need to be engaged.

They need to be strong. They need to be agile. That need to be flexible. How do you do that?

Exercise. Right. So that’s what all this weird stuff we do. Gee, Gee, Gee. Muh, muh, muh

muh, muh, muh! Yeah, we’re exercising, But we’re not just exercising the muscles, and we are making them stronger.

Whenever we exercise the muscles and get used to bringing the cord together, we’re adding collagen into the tissue,

which makes them more flexible than stronger. Were also adding more myelin to the wrappings around the neurons that fire that allow us to have more coordination in our singing.

That’s important. But you don’t build that without exercise without repetition. Okay, so, yeah, exercise.

It’s a great idea and the reason why you want to do them is so you can be a better singer.

Will you be a better singer if you use vocal exercises? Yes. I’m Jay Lemon. Total Vocal Method.

Thanks for watching.