Singing Lessons Near Me

Hey guys, Jay Lemon from the You know, one of the biggest searches on Google is singing lessons near me. And for a lot of people, it’s not hard to find teachers near you because you live in a big city and there’s bunches of them, right? If you live out in the country, if you live in a more rural area, you may not find as many people close to you. I wanted to tell you a couple of things that I think as far as what you should be looking for in a vocal coach or teacher.

If you’re looking for singing lessons, look for somebody. First of all, that has a bubbling personality. I’m just kidding somebody you like. You know, when you take lessons from anybody, you want to be able to kind of relate to them and like them and know that they like you, too. This seems like kind of a duh,

but it’s actually true. If you’re working with somebody that you don’t like all that much, well, that’s gonna affect the lesson.

Lessons are very personal, and you want to make sure that you connect on kind of, ah, friend level with that person,

So look for somebody you like. Next, look for somebody that has proven experience. You’ve got a lot of other students that are saying,

Yeah, I love that guy. I love that woman. She’s awesome. I think that’s the best vocal teacher.

That’s great. If you get that kind of feedback from other students, take it as a positive. Get some lessons from that person.

Three. Everybody’s got a budget. Everybody’s got affordability issues. You’ve got to make sure that your goals and that your needs match what you’re willing to pay.

Some teachers charge a lot, and they’re worth it if your goals are in line with that price. Does that make sense?

If you’re a professional singer and you’re trying to get some things to happen so you can get on The Voice or you’re trying to make things happen in your album,

you may want to go to somebody who is able to command a higher fee for their time because they have proven results with professionals.

If you’re just learning how to sing though, you don’t have to have the guy that’s gonna get you to star search,

you can have somebody that knows how to sing well and they can help you get started working on your voice.

Does that make sense? So what happens if you’re in a place where you don’t have access to teachers?

You have to travel 70 80 90 miles just to see somebody. Well, thank goodness for the Interwebs.

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All right, I’m Jay Lemon from the Total Vocal Method. See you next time.